crunchy hopper varieties

“You name it. We make it!” [ just simple as that]

Ice Cream Hoppers

Ice cream in the middle of a plain hopper with strawberry pieces and chocolate drippings.

Cheese and Chilli Hoppers

Crunchy cheese with sprinkled green chilli pieces for big kids. 🙂

Your name on Hoppers

Latest addition to Crunchy Hoppers family. Kids loved to see their names on their hopper with chocolate drippings. We can decorate with some strawberries which goes hand in hand with chocolate flavour.

Cheese Hoppers

Kids and locals love to eat Crunchy Cheese hoppers.

Chocolate Strawberry

Dessert hopper made out of Chocolate and strawberries

Milk Hoppers (Pal Appam) - பால் அப்பம்

Coconut cream added as a topping to a plain hopper. Can serve with sprinkled sugar or jaggery.

Sweet Hoppers (Pani Appa) - පැණි ආප්ප

Aussie style sweet hoppers made with Sri Lankan palm syrup. Tastier than the original one.

Nutella Hoppers

Big hit with kids and adults.

Omlet Hoppers

Egg with onions, Capsicum, Green Chilli, Tomato. Great option for savory savy.

Strawberry, Banana, Nutella-Chocolate

Best for sweet tooth.

Egg and Cheese

Egg and Cheese Hopper with hint of green chilli