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Learn More about Hoppers Catering


Do you come to our home and make hoppers?

Yes we come to your house or function venue to make hoppers.


What do you bring?

We bring everything we need to make plain and egg hoppers including table, cookers, gas bottle, pans, as well as platters to keep hoppers.

Please provide extra ingredients to make variety hoppers.



What do you need from us?

We need a well-lighted closed space (2m x 2m) (Garage)  to make hoppers. As you know, It is bit hard to make a good quality hopper in an open area exposing to changing weather conditions.



Do you need a power point?

No we do not need any power point as we bring gas burners to make hoppers.

Is Crunchy Hoppers gluten free?

All our hoppers are gluten free. We use only rice flour. Therefore, it is GLUTEN FREE, GMO FREE and AUSTRALIAN GROWN.


Are you a registered business in council health department?

Crunchy Hoppers Pty Ltd is registered in the council of City of Greater Dandenong as a home based business. (Registration number F-5032)


Do you have public liability insurance?

Crunchy Hoppers is covered for 20 Million Australian Dollars for product and public liability.


Can you make hoppers outdoor?

Yes we can make hoppers anywhere, provided the weather condition is good. (not windy or rainy).


Where are you based in?

We are based in Dandenong North, Victoria 3175, Australia.


What is the difference between Hoppers (appam, appa) and String Hoppers (Idiyappam)?

Hoppers are bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. They have crispy edges and thicker at bottom.

String hoppers look like nests of spaghetti and made of red or white roasted rice flour with water. They have a soft texture and smaller in size compared to Hoppers.


Do you provide any curries?

Unfortunately, no. We are licensed only to make hoppers.

But we have a list of curry makers whom we can recommend. Please contact them and arrange any curries or sambols as you like. Some of the preferred curries which go with the hoppers are chicken curry, lamb curry, fish curry, lunumiris, seeni sambol and dhal curry.