Crunchy Hopper


Now it’s your turn to make delicious hoppers like a Professional Hopper Chef.


Our aim of this page is to help you make exact similar Crunchy Hoppers we make at parties.

 The first step is to make the Hopper batter. This 2.5 minutes quick video shows you how to prepare the Crunchy Hopper mixture. Don’t worry! It is very easy.

If you follow the below instructions carefully, you also can make the same tasty and Crispy hoppers in no time.

How to Cook

Now it’s time to cook the hoppers.

This short video explains how to make nice and crispy Crunchy Hoppers using an Aluminium Hopper pan.

Seasoning a Pan

Do you know how to season your Aluminium hopper pan?

It is very important to season the pan if you are using it for the first time. Please see this short video to learn how to do the seasoning. 



Now Available at following shops in Melbourne:

  • Go Gota Go -Berwick
  • Ceylon Flavours – Forest Hill
  • Onaro – Clyde North, Officer, Cranbourne
  • Cargills – Dandenong
  • Spice world – Rowville
  • KJL Spice Corner – Mount Waverley