Delivery or Pickup!

Now you can order Crunchy Hoppers Friday, Saturday and Sunday days a week.
Please call 0402 763 318 to place your orders or for more details.


Price list
delivery or pickup

Minimum order $20 for pickup. Sorry we don’t deliver.

Hopper Portion - $8

One hopper portion includes

1 x Egg Hopper

3 x Plain Hoppers

1 x Lunumiris


Egg Hopper - $2.50, Plain Hopper - $1.50 each

Egg Hoppers – $2.50 each

Plan Hoppers – $1.50 each

You can order any combination as you wish to make the minimum order.

Milk Hopper - $4

Milk Hoppers / Pal Appam (பால் அப்பம்)/ Kiri Appa – $4 each

Coconut cream cooked in the middle of plain hopper cooked in the pan with spoon of brown sugar.

Nutella Hopper - $3.50

Nutella Hopper – $3.50 each